Arai VX-Pro 4 Nutech Helmet I419407

  • Arai VX-Pro 4 Nutech Helmet I419407

Years of Experience for the Ultimate Off Road Helmet

The new VX-Pro 4 is the update to Arai's VX-Pro series. This helmet is made for the MX, enduro, and off road rider. Just as found in every Arai helmet, the basic and simple organic shell shape is based on the R75 Shape concept. The absence of exaggerated edges or protrusions on the shell is not a lack of creativity, but a commitment to maintaining the integrity of the shell with real world impact and performance.

Shell Materials

In order to maximize performance, Arai precisely assembled the shell from multiple proprietary components.

  • Super fiber
    • One of the primary materials
    • Costs up to six times more than standard fiberglass
    • 30% higher tensile strength
    • Increased penetration resistance
  • cLc (complex Laminate construction) method
    • Demands precise and time-consuming assembly by the master craftsmen from many individual pieces
  • Even though the bare shell is not visible after paint and final assembly, each one exemplifies the experience and the dedication of the entire Arai family

New Peak Design

The new VX-Pro 4's peak is 14mm longer and 5mm wider than the previous model for improved ability to deflect roost and flying debris. To compensate for increased lift, the air outlets on the new peak have been made larger as well.

Shell Shape

The shell itself is consistently round and smooth, maintaining the R75 shape concept in areas above the acknowledged test line. Here the rounded chinbar maintains the same compact shell length with the previous model, the VX-Pro 3. The result is less protrusion, which has proven to be less likely to catch and dig-in during a spill.

Interior Shape: Intermediate Oval

The VX-Pro 4, just like the VX-Pro 3 utilizes Arai's Intermediate Oval (IO) shell shape. This shape is designed for the rider whose head has a Front-to-Back dimension that is longer than the Side-to-Side dimensions.

Chinbar Vent Grill

Installed on the uniquely rounded chinbar, the stainless mesh grill is now mounted from the outside under the exterior vent cap, and can be easily removed for cleaning or damage replacement. The vent cap is also designed to break away from the chinbar in the event of impact.

Goggle Strap Locator

The Goggle Strap Locator keeps the goggle strap in position even during aggressive, competitive riding. The new top rear duct center brace, together with the side port cowlings, also assist in keeping the strap in position on the side and back areas.

Air-Through Ducts

The new Air-Through construction of the top front vent and top rear vent covers as well as the side-port air ducts are designed to offer greatly improved ventilation efficiency, and are easier to clean and maintain than those on the previous VX-Pro 3 model.

Removable Neckroll

The all-new Removable Neckroll allows easy and convenient cleaning of the helmet.

Emergency Cheekpad Release System

The revised Emergency Cheekpad Release System has the release tab repositioned and is easier to access by rescue staff.

Key Features:

  • Design maintains the R75 Shape Concept in the areas above the test line
  • Chinbar is round, smooth, strong continuing the unique rounded shape of the helmet
  • The rounded shape combined with a compact chinbar reduces protrusions and fixed edges that are much less likely to catch or dig in in an impact
  • Ventilation
    • 3 basic chin intakes
    • 2 under peak intakes
    • Additional top vent which equates to 6 upper exhaust vents
    • 2 lower exhaust vents
    • New upper and lower rear exhaust vent cowl design to increase airflow and vacuum exhaust
    • Vents designed to assist holding goggle strap in center position and not slide up, down, or off
    • Upper rear exhaust vent set design to accommodate all 5 shell sizes
    • New vent design still fragile under crash impact, but seems more durable against smaller contact
    • Chinbar Vent Grill
  • Incorporates expanded SS mesh
  • SS mesh moved from inside to outside of the shell, providing room to move the EPS chin liner forward for more room in the face area
  • New Eye-Port
    • Trim and material has molded rubber trim across top of eye-port
    • Stiff ribs that resist goggles wearing the helmet liner
    • Small gap provided for airflow
    • Molded strap guides on either side of eye-port trim
  • Neck Roll
    • Removable
    • Replaceable
    • Washable
  • New Liner Components
    • New red and black material accent colors for a tri-color interior
    • 5mm peel away temple pads
  • FCS cheek pads
    • Larger surface area
    • Wrapping under the jaw for more comfort
    • 5mm peel away
  • New Emergency Cheek Pad Removal strap label design for easier use (label acts as a pull tab)
  • Inner Mud Gate that can be easily removed for more airflow
  • The Arai VX-Pro 4 Helmet is Snell- and DOT-rated
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